Forsaken Chains, Novel Reviews

by R. Langner

Forsaken Chains is an intriguing detective novel with a fascinating cast of characters, chief of whom is the novel’s protagonist, Detective Frank McCauley. The story unfolds like a whodunit film noir thriller with multiple suspects leading to a surprising conclusion. the reader is taken on a journey from Europe to Martinique and back, and is left to eagerly anticipate McCauley’s next investigation. And ultimately, it’s just a darn good story!

Margaret Jones-Bricker, MBA, Fashion Consultant

I finished reading Forsaken Chains last week and I must say, that it was the best detective story that I have read in a long time. Fabulous descriptions. “I was there”. The pacing was good; the author resisted rushing along. The plot unwinds gradually with great description of the characters and their motivations. Learning their “inner life” contributed to the plot and the research around the antiques was well done.

It looks like Frank McCauley has a few more cases in him to solve?

 Dr. I. J. Hudlicky, Retired

Forsaken Chains is a suspenseful novel that leads the reader through the mysteries that Scotland Yard unravels while looking to solve the mysterious disappearance of a successful lawyer.  Langner opens our eyes to these often hidden parts of life, while maintaining the suspense of solving a possible crime.  The gripping details of how life ties us together will leave you pondering its twists and turns.

Gail Mclaren, CPA, Retired

Margaret! What a magnificent job you’ve done on the narration of Forsaken Chains, the Audiobook!! You’ve got a wonderful skill and it could be an entire new career. You narrated like a pro. I loved the perfect pauses and inflections and pronunciation. All of it. It’s polished and professional and you pull the listener in. Thank you so much.

Brian LeFurgey

Ruth Langner’s Forsaken Chains is full of rich exposition and delightful dialogue! Coupled with the velvety narration by Margaret Jones-Bricker, the story whisks the listener away to a whole new world.

Sandra Clermont, Actress

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